Decorative vinyl art for your home or office!
Decorative vinyl art for your home or office!
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How long do the art decals last?

Your Kanded art decals can last from 3 to 5 years indoors depending on the conditions (traffic, temperature, sunlight) etc.

Can I put my Kanded art decals outside?

Yes, you can at your own risk. We don't recommend it because temperatures and the weather fluctuate. If you do want to put it outside, make sure to install it at 10°C or higher to make sure it bonds the best it can. Keep it out of sunlight as much as possible and covered from anything that falls from the sky.

What surface can you stick Kanded art decals to?

The best surfaces are non-porous, flat and smooth. Painted drywall, glass, or mirrors work best.

Can I install Kanded art in the bathroom?

Yes! Just make sure it's not directly in contact with water.

How do I clean the Kanded art?

Use a damp cloth and no more than a mild soapy solution (hand soap or baby shampoo). Do not use chemical cleaners, especially windex or you will compromise the decal.

How can I make the art last longer?

If you want the art to last a really long time, and you want to move it around, you can stick it to canvas boards, picture frames, or mirrors. Makes a good gift too!

Can I move or re-apply the art?

Yes, very carefully. If you hang on to the paper backer that the art came with it's easier to stick it on there again to transport to your next location. Depending on the complexity and size of the art, this may be easy or challenging.

How do I remove the Kanded art?

Simply pick a corner and slowly peel away.

How long does it take to get my order?

If you order the custom text (or any other custom artwork) it can take up to two weeks depending on the complexity and queue. We are a small shop but we aim to turn it around as quickly as possible for you! Orders for as-is art (snowflakes, ninjas etc.) will be faster.

What is the Kanded art made from?

The temporary art is like big stickers that bond well to look like part of the surface you are attaching it to - like paint. In order to get this effect the vinyl is manufactured at a thickness of only 3 mil. The manufacturers we use are Avery and Oracal, they are well-known for their ability to produce high quality vinyl.

Have more questions?

We would be happy to answer them. Contact us here.